Why Recruit at JIPT

Placement process of current batch (ie 2016-17) has been started. JIPT is conducting one year “Post graduate program in Thermal Power Plant Technology” to induce electric power specific knowledge, skills, aptitudes and healthy attitude and in turn changes the graduate engineers of different disciplines into power engineers.

During the programme, the students are required attend theoretical classes, followed by equipment visit and model demo to fully absorb knowledge. Scheme tracing, rotational on job and directed on job training inculcate integrated system approach. In addition to the operation on job, simulator training induces necessary skills in them. Highly qualified & experienced faculty members of JIPT and power engineers of OPJSTPS (4x250MW & 4x600MWunits) are involved in conducting the programme. After the successful completion of one year programme, the students are fit to work in O&M of Thermal Power Plant at the one hand and also fulfill the statutory training requirement at the other. On the basis of curriculum coverage of power processes, associated equipments and integrated systems engineering, JIPT students can also contribute to power profession, pertaining to erection, commissioning transmission, distribution and switch-yard.

It goes without saying that our students are among the best compared to the students others power training institutes in India. It would not be out of place to mention that JIPT possess most modern simulators of 250 MW, 600 MW and 135 MW units, where our students have hands on training, which make them capable to be directly placed in the control room. Apart from a strong emphasis on core technical knowledge, the life at JIPT also includes character building, cultural activities, literary activities and sports. Various festivals, activities and competitions at JIPT are completely managed and coordinated by the students. This kind of exposure imbibes both confidence and ability in the students to achieve what they want.