Scheme Tracing

JIPT has published Scheme Tracing book with more than 100 schemes.

Scheme Tracing is a self-taught and process of tracing  of piping connections, pumps, Meters, Motors, valves, actuators, steam path, water circuit, gas path, lubrication circuits, controllers, Raw Coal flow and Ash Disposal path etc.

This gives real time  practcal exposureis and is  unique to trainees as the Institute is located inside premises of 4x 250MW and 4x 600MW, O.P. Jindal Super Thermal Power Plant and students can visit the plant.with prior permission. This gives the student added advantage compared other Thermal Power Training Institutes in India which are not located inside any power station as ours.

Once Scheme Tracing is completed diligently, students are totally aware of locations and working of all equipment and numerous auxiliaries of the Thermal Power Plant of Jindal Power Limited. Other power stations of various capacities are no different from Jindal Power Limited.