The Institute has state-of-the-art, high fidelity, dynamic, full scope replica Simulators of 135 MW-Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion (CFBC) generating unit. Routine Plant start up / shut down operations, cold-warm-hot startups, coasting down from full load to a lower load, handling plant emergencies and engineering analysis and some functional/maintenance aspects of major plant equippments are the salient features of the installed simulator. A Simulator is widely used for the training of Operators/Engineers who gain quick experience in normal, abnormal and emergency operation of a Power Plant. After two-week training Engineer/Operator is capable to work in control room and also can handle emergencies.

Simulator -Area of training

  1. Routine Plant start-up
  2. Shut down operations
  3. Cold-warm-hot startups
  4. Plant Shut down from full load to a lower load
  5. Handling plant emergencies
  6. Automatic Turbine Run-up System
  7. Run Back System
  8. Hard Panel Operation- Electrical Synchronization / C&I Protection/Mechanical Protection
  9. Co-ordinate Master Control Operation
  10. Engineering analysis
  11. Functional/maintenance aspects of major plant equippments